Pension Matrimonial Cases; Additional References Prepared By Ian Karp


1.  Detailed "information checklist" (11 pages) re services provided in connection with the division of pension rights upon marriage breakdown. (PDF format)


2.  Paper (20 pages) prepared for April 10, 2008 B.C. Continuing Legal Education Course; Actuary's Role In Pension Division Upon Marriage Breakdown. (PDF format)


3.  Paper (8 pages) prepared for May 25, 2011 B.C. Continuing Legal Education Course; deals with important issues arising in daily practice. (PDF format)


3. Links:

- Anderson Pension Law Consulting : Tom Anderson is a B.C. lawyer specializing in pension division issues.


- B.C. Law Institute : Information re pension division.


- Form P1 (general) : For Plans subject to "Part 6 division" under the B.C. Family Law Act (FLA). This form is to be completed by the spouse and sent to the pension plan.  The pension plan must then provide information to the spouse


- B.C. Division of Pensions Regulation : Sets conditions for actuarial valuations under the B.C. FLA.


- Pension Benefits Division Act (PBDA) - Division of Pension Benefits Package : Relates to Federal Government employees.  Deals with division of pension upon marriage breakdown under PBDA.


- Pension Corporation of B.C : Administers various B.C. public sector pension plans.


- RCMP " Division of Pension Benefits Package" : deals with division of RCMP pensions upon marriage breakdown, under PBDA.


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